Are Broken Pipes Covered by Insurance?

Here in South Florida water is everywhere. Every home insurance policy is slightly different but it is important to know and understand your policy and the norms of pipe water damage coverage. Water damage can be caused by flooding, pipes breaking in the wall, and broken pipes under the home. Flooding and broken pipes can cause expensive and upsetting damage to your home.

Covered water damage types

Flooding from storms is only covered by flood insurance not by standard homeowner’s insurance. Under most circumstances water damage due to broken pipe causes would be covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies. If the damage was sudden and accidental it is more likely to be covered for water damage. The broken pipe itself may not be covered.

Location of broken pipe

Is the pipe or sewer line that broke under or inside your home? The insurance company is unlikely to cover a break that is outside of the home or not directly under the home depending on where the pipe is located.

Why did the pipe break?

Why the pipe broke is also very important in the coverage of the insurance claim. You may have problems with the claim if the pipe broke because of age or wear and tear. The insurance company could argue that regular maintenance should have been done to prevent the damage.

What should you do?

Stop the water by finding the closest shut-off valve and turning it off if the water is coming from a burst or leaking pipe. Then call your insurance company. Remember Triumph Consulting Corp., Florida Public Adjusters will fight for your rights to make sure you get the most money you deserve when filing an insurance claim. We get you paid. Call us at 954-592-7162 or Request a Free Inspection

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