Business Interruption

Numerous times, businesses lose income when their operations get disrupted for one reason or another. Disruption could be caused primarily by tornado damage, trespassing, environmental catastrophes, and so forth. In these circumstances, business activities get stalled while rebuilding work is in process. Business owners can seek coverage for business interruption to mitigate the damage from loss of income.

If somehow the damage is severe, you may lose a significant amount of money. Besides, you will be unable to assess the effects of the damage without assistance. We will inspect the damage and organize the paperwork needed to file the claim. So, call our adjusters and let us handle the claim.

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Fire Damage

When significant damage is caused to a property because of a burning fire, it is referred to as fire damage. Now, this damage can happen as a result of fire or due to the heat emitting from the fire. Generally, any standard home insurance policy covers the damage caused by fire. However, if the policyholder is responsible for starting the fire, the insurance company will not pay for the losses. They will pay only in the scenario when the fire started accidentally without any fault of the policyholder. When filing an insurance claim for fire damage, you will have to furnish proof for the same. Have you suffered because of fire damage? Call us before contacting an insurance company. We will inspect the cause of destructi, extent of damage and prepare the necessary documentation.

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Natural Disaster

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, storms, cyclones can cause severe damage to your residential property. The damage may not appear to be massive in the first instance. However, it’s just the beginning. As time passes, you will feel the effects of the damage in your surrounding. The recovery process can burn a hole in your pocket. But that’s not something you should concern yourself with. You can file an insurance claim and seek payment for the losses incurred. Our adjusters can inspect the damage, record the findings and help you win a fair settlement from the insurance company.

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